Not Even Past is produced by Encyclopedia Virginia, an authoritative online resource about Virginia history published by Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. Hosted by the encyclopedia’s managing editor, Brendan Wolfe, it's for history lovers but also for people who just love a good story. In each episode, Wolfe combs through the encyclopedia looking for the most interesting people and the most provocative questions. This podcast is produced by Miranda Bennett.

The Flight of Henry Box Brown Inside he hung feet-side-up, his temples throbbing, his head near to bursting. The box was addressed to Philadelphia—or, put another way, to freedom.

The Death of George Wythe Thirty years earlier he'd signed the Declaration of Independence. On this morning he ate a spartan breakfast of milk and strawberries, never even tasting the arsenic.

The Charms of Belle Boyd Given a choice between common sense and her version of things, men always leaned toward her version. It was a gift that served the Confederacy well.

The Mystery of Don Luis (Part 1) Plucked from the New World by lost Spaniards, an Indian wins an audience with King Philip II and, on death’s door, changes his name.

The Mystery of Don Luis (Part 2) Trapped in Mexico City, a newly baptized Indian misses his chance to return home. Back in Spain he touches the fire and bides his time.

The Mystery of Don Luis (Part 3) After nine years abroad, a Virginia Indian returns home with a group of Jesuits in tow. The priests write an excited letter to their superior and are never heard from again.

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