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"Resignation" by St. George Tucker (March 21, 1807)

In "Resignation," written on March 21, 1807, St. George Tucker contemplates getting older.

Transcription from Original

  • Days of my youth! Ye have glided away;
  • Locks of my youth! Ye are frosted and gray;
  • Eyes of my youth! Your keen sight is no more;
  • Cheeks of my youth! Ye are furrowed all o'er;
  • Strength of my youth! All your vigor is gone;
  • Thoughts of my youth! Your gay visions are flown!
  • Days of my youth, I wish not your recall;
  • Locks of my youth, I'm content ye shall fall;
  • Eyes of my youth, ye much evil have seen;
  • Cheeks of my youth, bathed in tears have ye been;
  • Thoughts of my youth, ye have led me astray;
  • Strength of my youth; why lament your decay!
  • Days of my age! Ye will shortly be past;
  • Pains of my age, but a while can ye last;
  • Joys of my age, in true wisdom delight;
  • Eyes of my age, be religion your light;
  • Thoughts of my age, dread ye not the cold sod;
  • Hopes of my age, be ye fixed on your God!