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The Manumission of Lucy Brooks and Her Children (1862)

In this document, the tobacco merchant, Daniel Von Groning, manumits, or releases from slavery, Lucy Goode Brooks and her three youngest children. Lucy's husband, Albert Brooks, paid Von Groning $800 over a four-year period to secure the freedom of his family.

Transcription from Original

[marginal note] Von Groning to Eman. Lucy Brooks &c. 1862 Nov. 7. origl. deed. Lucy Brooks paid.

Know all men by these presents, that I, Daniel Von Groning, of the leity of Richmond, for and in consideration of the sum of eight hundred dollars, and in compliance with my promise and agreement to that effect, have emancipated and do hereby emancipate, manumit and set free the following servants

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namely, Lucy Brooks and her three children Robert, Alberta and Lucy and the increase in future of the females. And I do hereby declare the said servants and the future increase of the females forever manumitted and free.

Witness my hand and seal this 21st day of October 1862.

Daniel Von Groning [hand-drawn seal]