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Reports on the Death of George Wythe, Poulson's American Daily Advertiser (June 17, 1806)

On page 3 of its June 17, 1806, edition, the Poulson's American Daily Advertiser reprinted to two reports on the death, in Virginia, of George Wythe: one from the Richmond Enquirer and one from the Petersburg Republican. Wythe's grandnephew was later accused of his murder.

Transcription from Original

From the Richmond Enquirer

"Full of Tears; and Full of Honor."

On Sunday morning the 8th inst. departed this life, the venerable Chancellor of the Richmond district, George Wythe. Over the suspected causes of his death, let us for a moment draw the veil. Every situation in life has its duties. Let us therefore respect the rights of the accused.*

But of the deep, the solemn, the almost unparalleled impression produced by his death; we may be permitted to speak. Let the anxious solicitude manifested for his recovery; let that sorrow which buries beneath it all political distinctions; let the solemn and lengthened procession which attended him to his grave; declare the loss which we have sustained. Kings may require mausoleums to consecrate their memory; saints may claim the privileges of canonization; but the venerable George Wythe needs no other monument than the services rendered to his country, and the universal sorrow which that country sheds over his grave.

* It is generally believed, that this patriot, has been brought to the grave, by means the "most foul, base and unnatural," and that the accused is to undergo an examination. [Petersburg Republican.