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Memorandum List of Tithables (July 16, 1770)

This list of tithable enslaved people belonging to George Washington is dated July 16, 1770, and is included in Washington's papers. In 1643, the General Assembly passed a series of laws to help clarify the people whose labor was tithable, or eligible to be taxed. When it appears in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century records it refers to a person who paid, or for whom someone else paid.

Transcription from Original

A List of Tithables in Truro Parish Fairfax County—given in July 16th 1770.

George Washington, Lund Washington

Thos Bishop, Wm Skilling, Thoms Davis. Ho. Servants: Breechy, Billy, Giles, Schomberg, Harry, Doll, Jenny, Betty, Moll, Sall, Sarah, Phillis, Winney, Sue, Kitt. Home Plann: Jack [&] Herculas—Ferry men, Joe, Arlington, Peter, Sarah, Frank, Lydia, Phœbe. Tradesmen: Jon[atha]n Palmer, Will, Michael, Davy, Tom, George, Ned, Jupiter, Peter, George, Lewis. Muddy hole: Jno. Alton, Will, Adam, Will, Sam, Morris, Kate, Nan, Sarah, Jenny. Doeg run Pl.: Morris, Matt, Bath, Jupiter, Robin, Bob, Paul, Hannah, Sue, Betty, Jone, Moll, Lucy. Mill Plann: Davy, Ned, Robin, Judy, Lucy, Jenny. In all 69 deduct 2–67.

List of Tithables in Fairfax Parish July 16th 1770.

James Cleveland

Frederick, Essex, Ben, Natt, Will, Neptune, Abram, George, Walley, Schomberg, Ruth, Peg, Murria, Doll, Daphne, Cloe, Nan, Judy, Milly. In all 20.