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Letter from Robert Carter Nicholas to Rev. John Waring (November 17, 1774)

In a letter to the Reverend John Waring, dated November 17, 1774, Robert Carter Nicholas reports on the closing of a school in Williamsburg for the children of enslaved African Americans. Waring was the secretary of the Associates of Dr. Bray, the English philanthropic group that had funded the school.

Transcription from Original

Virginia 17th. November 1774

Revd. Sir.

I have to advise you of the Death of Mrs. Wager, the Mistress of the Negro School at Williamsburg. I could wish to have revived the Charity upon such Terms as would be agreeable to you & the rest of the worthy Associates of Dr. Bray, but seeing no Prospect of it at present, I have discontinued the School, 'till I can receive your farther Directions. The Acct. of what I am in Advance you will receive inclosed, Balance in my favour £11.17.2, for which I have drawn on you in favour of Messrs. Norton & Sons.

Wishing you & the rest of the Associates every Felicity, I remain very respectfully, Revd. Sir, Your most obedient Servant

Ro. C. Nicholas



The Associates of Dr. Bray

April 1 To Quarters Salary due this day £ 5.
July 1 To ditto … ditto 5.
October 1 To ditto … ditto 5.
January 1 To ditto … ditto 5.
April 6 To ditto … 5.
July 2 To ditto … ditto 5.
To paid Mr. [John] Blair [Jr.] a Years Rent due 25th December 1773. 10.
August 20 To ditto paid for 7 ½ Months to the time of Mrs. Wager's death 6. 5.
To paid Mat: Hatton her Son in Law for Balance of Salary 1.13.4
To Balance 15.8.4
December By my Exchange to Norton & Son £25.
30 per Cent 7.10
Balance 15.8.4
By my Exchange to Norton & Son £11.17.2
30 per Cent 3.11.1 ½
15.8.3 1/2

Errors Excepted 17th. November 1774.

Ro. C. Nicholas