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Letter from George Mallory to A. S. Priddy (November 5, 1917)

In a letter to A. S. Priddy, dated November 5, 1917, George Mallory, of Richmond, claims that his wife, Willie Mallory, and daughter Nannie Mallory were wrongly diagnosed as feebleminded and sterilized without their or his consent. Priddy was the superintendent of the Virginia State Colony of Epileptics and Feeble-Minded, in Madison Heights, near Lynchburg, where the Mallory women were held. George Mallory sued and won their release but not the monetary damages he sought.

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Dear sir one more time I am go write to you to ask you about my child I cannot here from her bye no means. I have wrote three or four times cant yet hereing from her at all we have sent her a box and I dont no wheather she received them or not. I want to know when can I get my child home again my family have been broked up on false pertents same as white slavery. Dr what busneiss did you have opreateding on my wife and daughtr with out

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my consent. I am a hard working man can take care of my family and can prove it and before I am finish you will find out that I am. I heard that some one told you lots of bad new but I have been living with her for twenty three years and cant no body prove nothing againts my wife they cant talk anything but cant prove nothing. My laywers said that you treated them very [?] just to think my wife is 43 years old and to be treated in that way, you ought to be ashamed of your selft of opreateding on her at that age Just stop and think of how she have been treated What cause did you have to opreateding her please let me

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no for there is no law for such treatment I have found that out I am a poor man but was smart anuf to find that out—I had a good home as eny man wanted nine sweet little children—now to think it is all broke up for nothing I want to no what you are go do I earn 75$ a mounth I dont want my child on the state I did not put her on them. if you dont let me have her bye easy terms I will get her by bad she is not feeble minded over there working for the state for nothing now let me no at once I am a humanbeen as well as you are I am tired of bein treated this way for nothing I want my child that is good understanded

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let me know before farther notice. Now I want to know on return mail what are you go do wheather are go let my child come home let me here from her.

Very Truly
Mr. George Mallory