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Judgment Against Richard and Mildred Loving (January 6, 1959)

In this written judgment, dated January 6, 1959, Leon M. Bazile, judge of the Caroline County Circuit Court, accepts guilty pleas from Richard and Mildred Loving and agrees to suspend their one-year jail sentences. They are accused of violating the state law forbidding interracial marriage.

Transcription from Original

Indictment for a Felony

This day came the attorney for the Commonwealth and the accused, who were represented by counsel, appeared in court upon their own recognizance. Upon being arraigned the accused both plead "not guilty" to the charges in the indictment and waived trial by jury and the Commonwealth by its attorney doth agree to the waiving of trial by jury andthe [sic] court doth consent thereto. Whereupon the court proceeded to hear the evidence and argument of counsel. After the court heard the evidence and argument of counsel, the accused doth change their plea from "not guilty" to "guilty". The court doth accept the pleas of "guilty" and fix the punishment of both accused at one year each in jail. The court doth suspend said sentence for a period of twenty-five years upon the provision that both accused leave Caroline County and the state of Virginia at once and do not return together or at the same time to said county and state for a period of twenty-five years. Whereupon the court asked the accused if they had anything to say before the court pronounced sentence and when they answered "no" the court proceeded to sentence the prisoners. After the prisoners were sentenced they paid the costs of these proceedings into court and the court ordered them released from custody and further recognizance.

Leon M. Bazile, Judge

6 January 1959.