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Inventory of George Thorpe's Estate (1634)

The following is a list of the items found in the estate of George Thorpe in Virginia in 1634, twelve years after he was one of 347 English colonists killed in the attack by Virginia Indians that inaugurated the Second Anglo-Powhatan War. The values of items are expressed in pounds of tobacco.

Transcription from Original

An Inventorie of all and singular the goods and effectes of Captayne George Thorpe Esquire deceased, valued and prised the 10th day of Aprill Anno 1634 by Samuell Sharpe, Richard Biggs and Thomas Palmer as followeth, vizt.

Imprimis a wrought velvett cloake lyne with plush 0100
Item an old bl: silke grogram sute 0050
Item an old bl: cloth cloake lyne with velvett 0050
Item an old blu: satten suite 0030
Item a stuff wastcoate 0008
Item 4 paire of old silke stockings 0020
Item one paire of old enameld spurres 0000½
Item one/paire of bl: silke garters 0003
Item 3 dosen of old silke poynts 0001
Item a knott of bandstrings 0000½
Item 2 paire of old lynnen stockings 0000½
Item 2 pa' of gloves 0004
Item one truncke 0005
Item a walnutt chest with locke and key 0008
Item a bl: satten suite 0040
Item an old bl: silke grogram dublett & old satten hose 0010
Item a very old ash col: satten suite 0020
Item 4 paire of sheetes 0026
Item 5 very old shirtes 0005
Item 2 cupboard clothes 0005
Item 2 pillow beares 0002
Item sixe handkerchirs 0001
Item an old wrought night capp 0003
Item an old quilt capp & 2 old holland capps 0001
Item 2 towells 0001
Item 2 books & a small remnant of calico 0016
Item a pa' of worne shooes galloshes & pantaples 0005
Item 33 fallinge bands 0004
Item 8½ yards of course holland 0016
Item a paire of gold waights 0001
Item a paire of fine old sheets & a pillowbare 0008
Item 33 course napkins 0012
Item 3 course table cloathes 0012
Item 3 old holland capps 2 kerchers a neck cloath & two napkins 002
Item 16 pa' of diaper napkins, a table cloath. a cupboard cloath & a towell 040
Item a fallinge band & a candlesticke 000¼
Item 2 pie plates, 2 deepe dishes & a voyder 008
Item 6 small platters & 2 sawcers 006
Item 2 pa' of swasse compasses, 23 wooden trenchers, a small lookinge glasse, 6 little pursline dishes, a pa' of sisers, 2 pewter porringers, with a few white fish hookes and lynes and a torne trunke past use 005
Item one trunke marked AC 003
Item 2 small remnants of broad cloath 028
Item one old bl: cloathe cloake garded 020
Item an old bl: stuffe cloake 015
Item an old bl: taffatie cloake 012
Item an old broad cloth cloake lyned with stutff 016
Item a velvett jerkin laced, said to be Mr. Owldswoth ('s) 008
Item a pa' of old satten hose 006
Item a pa' of old grogram hose 020
Item a suite of very old bl: cloath 008
Item 2 very old shamways dubletts 008
Item a trunke marked with T very old [0]
Item a pa' of trunke hose quite out of fashion 010
Item a pa' of blew silke stockins 006
Item 4 very old satten dubletts 003
Item 2 pa' of very old satten hose 020
Item 2 grogram clokes not ded worne 040
Item a taffatie skairfe 005
Item an old bl: cloath cloake turnd & lyned with velvett 025
Item a cloth cloake lyned with plush 060
Item a pa' of worsted stockins & a pa' of wrought hangers & 3 pa' of white gloves 004
Item an old case of bottles 004
Item a great chest 006
Item a pa' of russett bootes 004
Item 2 litle old sea compasses, 3 peeces of copper & a box of beads 002
Item a greene carpet 012
Item a peece of foxe furr 001
Item a bla: feather, a hammer & an anvil 002
Item 2 swords 010
Item 3 sheets & a blankett 012
Item 3 old feather bedds, 2 boulsters, a quilt & 2 ruggs 150
Item 3 pillowes & 2 pillowbeares 002
Item 3 pa' of old sheets & 2 old tapestry hangings 023
Item five coverlitts 020
Item a coverlitt of fox skinn & one of ?rabones 005
Item a pa' of old curtaines 003
Item a copper still, old 003
Item 4000 of 5d nayles 006
Item 2 sugger loufs 005
Item a brasse bakeinge pan with a hole in the side 002
Item great brasse pott 015
Item a litle iron pott 002
Item a mohaire gowne 020
Item all the plate, rings, & scales, the plate wayinge 43 oz 1/8 valued & prised 150
Sum totalis 1323¾

Other goods not valued nor prised

Item the collers of Barkley to the Governor

Item an iron bound trunke full only of wrightings and papers not to be prised

Item a case of botles cont. 14 botles, the which Capt. Mathewes doth challenge to be his

Item a small runlettof of Rosasolus and 3 runs. of Virginia, which were drunke out amonge the people that fetcht downe his goods.

Item a quadrant not prised

Item a box with some spices sent upon Barkeley people

Item a great chest & a barrell of tooles with divers [loose] hookes

Item a guilt boule, a silver cupp, 5 silver spoones, a case with a knife & a guilt spoone a paire of knives with guilt handles

Sir George Yeardlie and the priasers doe desire to be recompenced for theire paines, he in preservinge and keeping the goods, they in comminge and spending of theire tyme in praisinge the goods. Moreover Sir George doth require 400 lb. of tobacco which he paid for Captain Thorpe to those that built Opachankenses house.

Samuell Sharpe
The marke of Richard Biggs R. B.
The marke of Thomas Palmer T. P.