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Excerpt from a Letter from Thomas Jefferson to Anne Randolph (June 7, 1807)

In this excerpt from a letter to his granddaughter Anne Randolph, dated June 7, 1807, Thomas Jefferson writes about the landscaping at his plantation Monticello.

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Washington June 7. 07.

I received last week from your papa information that you were all well except your Mama, who had still some remains of the pain in the face. I hope I shall hear this week that she is restored to her health. from yourself I may soon expect a report of your first visit to Monticello, and of the state of our joint concerns there. I find that the limited number of our flower beds will too much restrain the variety of flowers in which we might wish to indulge, & therefore I have resumed an idea, which I had formerly entertained, but had laid by, of a winding walk surrounding the lawn before the house, with a narrow border of flowers on each side. this would give us abundant room for a great variety. I enclose you a sketch of my idea, where the dotted lines on each side of the black line shew the border on each side of the walk. the hollows of the walk would give room for oval beds of flowering shrubs …