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Edmund Jenings Removed from Governor's Council (1726)

In its meeting on June 25, 1726, the governor's Council, in consultation with Lieutenant Governor Hugh Drysdale, removed Edmund Jenings from his position on the Council. Jenings had long been absent from meetings, and his health, both physical and mental, was deteriorating. Drysdale, too, was ill, and Jenings, as senior member of the Council, was in line to serve as president, or acting governor, when Drysdale died. With Jenings's removal, his rival Robert "King" Carter served that role when Drysdale died on June 22, 1726.

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June 25th 1726

The Council taking the whole matter into Consideration, and being fully convinced as well from the answer and letter received from Collonel Jenings on occasion of the present meeting of the Council, from the foregoing reports and narratives, as from his long absence from Councils and General Courts and the knowledge and observation of several members of the Board, that the said Collonel Jenings is, by reason of the insanity of his mind & memory a person altogether incapable of administering the Government of this Colony, and are therefore unanimously of opinion, that for preventing the Inconveniences which may accrue to his Majesties Service & the safety of the Colony by the Governments devolving on a person so unfit to execute the trust. It is absolutely necessary for his Majesties Service that the said Edmund Jenings Esquire be suspended from the place of a member of his

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Majesties Council, and do advise the Governor to suspend him accordingly, & that notice of such Suspension be given the said Jenings by an Instrument under the Governor's hand & the Seal of the Colony.

Upon which advice, as well as his own knowledge of the Incapacity of the said Edmund Jenings Esquire, the Governor was pleased to declare the said Edmund Jenings suspended from acting as a member of his Majesties Council.

A Letter to the Governor and Council of Maryland in answer to one received from them relating to the laws made here for regulating the manufacture of Tobacco, was read & sign'd by the Governor and Council.