Confederate Cabinet Officers from Virginia

The Confederate States of America was established as a government separate from the United States of America on February 4, 1861. Jefferson Davis was inaugurated as the Confederacy's provisional president on February 18, 1861, and then, on February 22, 1862, as its first elected president. The government endured the length of the American Civil War (1861–1865), with the following Virginians serving in Davis's cabinet. MORE...


Secretaries of State

  • Robert Mercer Taliaferro Hunter (1809–1887), appointed by Jefferson Davis and served July 25, 1861–February 17, 1862.

Secretaries of War

  • George Wythe Randolph (1818–1867), appointed by Jefferson Davis and served March 24, 1862–November 15, 1862.
  • James Alexander Seddon (1815–1880), appointed by Jefferson Davis and served November 21, 1862–February 5, 1865.


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