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Burgesses for the Assembly of 1619

In this list are the twenty-two burgesses who gathered in Jamestown on July 30, 1619, for the first meeting of the unicameral General Assembly. The two representatives from Martin's Brandon, a plantation owned by Captain John Martin, were denied their seats when it was called to the attention of Governor Sir George Yeardley that a clause in Martin's land patent exempted him from England's uniform laws and from any laws passed by the General Assembly.

Transcription from Original

  • Argall's Gift: Thomas Pawlett, Edward Gourgaing
  • Charles City: Samuel Sharpe, Samuel Jordan
  • Flowerdieu Hundred: Edmund Roffingham, John Jefferson
  • Henricus: Thomas Dowse, John Polentine [probably Pollington]
  • James City: William Powell, William Spense (Spence)
  • Kiccowtan: William Tucker, William Capp
  • Lawne's Plantation: Christopher Lawne, Ensign Washer
  • Martin's Brandon: * Thomas Davis, Robert Stacy
  • Martin's Hundred: John Boys, John Jackson
  • Captain Warde's Plantation: John Warde, John Gibbes
  • Smythes Hundred: Thomas Graves, Walter Shelley

* The representatives form this plantation were not allowed to serve.