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An act for re-enlisting the troops of this state in the continental army, and for other purposes (October 1799)

In this act, passed October 1799, the General Assembly authorizes the governor and Council of State to send troops to assist South Carolina, which was under siege by British troops.

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BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That the officers of the Virginia line, and of the two state regiments, and of the artillery regiment in the continental service, shall have power to re-enlist any soldiers whose times of service may expire within the course of the ensuing year, and to pay them the sum of seven hundred and fifty dollars, as bounty money, with which they shall be furnished out of the treasury of this state, under the directions of the governour and council. And that the executive may be enabled to afford such assistance to our sister state of South Carolina as the exigency of their situation may require, during the recess of the assembly; Be it enacted, That the governour, with the advice of the council may, and he is hereby empowered to order any number of militia of this state, not exceeding fifteen hundred, and so many of the state troops as can be marched thither according to the terms of their enlistments, or are willing to march, as they in their discretion shall think proper, to the assistance of the said state of South Carolina. And be it farther enacted, That if any county or division have not yet been drafted according to an act "For obliging the several delinquent counties and divisions of militia in this commonwealth to furnish one twenty fifth man," that the respective commanding officers of the militia shall take the most speedy and effectual measures to draft any such delinquent divisions which do not furnish a man on or before the first day of April next, according to the method prescribed by the last recited act; and the governour, with the advice of the council, shall take proper measures to have the men so drafted, collected, and sent on to join the continental army.