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Amendments proposed by the Council to the Bill Entituled an Act, continuing the Act directing the building the Capitol and the City of Williamsburgh, with additions (1705)

After the College of William and Mary catches fire in 1705, the General Assembly amends its 1699 act in an effort to encourage more construction efforts in the city of Williamsburg.

Transcription from Original

And be it also Enacted, that the four Lotts, or half acres, wth at the first laying out of the Land for ye City, were laid out and appropriated for the Buildings then erected on ye same by Benjn Harrison, Jnr., Esqr, shal remain & continue to ye aforesd Benjn Harrison, his heirs & asignes, & shal not Lapse for want of other buildings thereon, anything in this Act to ye contrary notwithstanding.

And whereas, by the death, removal out of the Country, or into remote parts of several of the persons nominated Directors in ye afore-recited Act, and the refusal of others to concern themselves therein, the powers and authoritys to them granted have not been so fully executed as was intended; and it being necessary for the better regulating and ordering the Building of the said City of Williamsburgh, that a competent number of Directors be appointed and continued to inspect the same. Be it, therefore, Enacted by the authority aforesa'd, and it is hereby Enacted, that His Excellency, Edward Nott, Esqr, her Majties Lieutenant & Governour Genll of Virginia, Edmund Jennings, Philip Ludwell, William Byrd & Benjn Harrison, Jr. Esqrs, Henry Tyler, David Bray, Frederick Jones, Archibald Blair, Chichely Corbin Thacker, &William Robertson, Gents., or any five or more of them be, and they are hereby authorized and empowered, by the name of the Directors, for the settlement and encouragement of the City of Williamsburgh from time to time, and at all times hereafter, untill ye said City shal be erected into a corporation in manner aforementioned, to Direct and order the laying out of Lotts and streets of the said City where the bounds

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and marks thereof are worne out, to lay out a convenient space of ground for ye Church yard, to enlarge the market place, and to alter any of the Streets or Lanes thereof, where ye same are found inconvenient, and also to settle and establish such Rules and orders for ye more regular and orderly building of the Houses in ye said city as to them shal seem best and most convenient; Provided always, that the main street called Duke of Glocester street, extending from the Capitol to ye utmost Limits of the city Westward, till it joins on ye Land belonging to ye Colledge, shall not hereafter be altered, either in the Course of Dimensions thereof.

And be it further Enacted, that in case of the death, removal out of the Country, or other legal disability of any one or more of the Directors before named, it shal and may be Lawful for the surviving or remaining Directors, from time to time, to elect and choose as many other persons in the room of those so dead or removed, as shal make the number of ten. Which directors so chosen shall be to all intents and purposes vested with ye same powers as any other in this Act, particularly nominated & appointed.